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Classification by subject (only available for images of the Federal Archives!)

The classification by subject, i.e. the categorisation of pictures and posters into subject groups, is divided into two sections:

The variety of the Federal Archives’ numerous picture and poster groups differing in provenance and pertinence prevents us from categorizing all groups in one consolidated classification system by subject. You, therefore, for the time being, are invited to use different classification systems.

This means that you might have to use several inventories, if the topic investigated, e.g. aeronautics, may be found in both classification systems and/or in more than one historical period.

Please, take into account that the classification systems mirror the available classification groups of the pictures analogously existing in the Federal Archives. If no pictures are found by consulting a special group, you may be sure that no pictures from the corresponding classification group have yet been digitized, but relevant pictures do exist in the Federal archives. In this case, please, consult us (> contact).



Keywords (only available for photos of the Federal Press- and Information Office)

About the keyword list, at present, you can find only photos of the Bundespresseamt (Federal Press- and Information Office). By click on a key word those photos are displayed, who are marked with this keyword(s).

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